Cash Calendar

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In 1992 we introduced the cash calendar fundraiser to help secure funds to pay for the remodel of our hall and addition of the men’s and women’s locker/washrooms. The funds raised today help our non-profit organization upgrade and maintain the Riverview Curling Club.

The cost for a calendar is only $20.00 for the opportunity to win CA$H on every single draw. Each ticket that is drawn is recorded and re-entered for the next draw. A purchase of a RIVERVIEW CA$H CALENDAR gives you 365 chances to win or 366 chances in a leap year!

Our cash prizes are awarded each day of the year using the following format:

  • January 1st (New Year’s Day) $750.00
  • First Thursday in June (Annual Beef Pit BBQ) $500.00
  • December 31st (Final Draw) $1,000.00
  • 300 daily draws per week – each draw $25.00
  • 51 weekly draws (Saturday) $50.00
  • 11 monthly draws (last day of the month) $100.00
  • Cheques are sent to winners on a weekly basis.
  • Only 2100 Calendars are printed.

We also have an incentive program that is available for non-profit groups outside the curling club. For more information regarding this or if you have any questions related to the cash calendar please contact us at Riverview Curling Club 420 Maryland Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A 6Z8.

This Months Winners

May 2020

Date Winner Location Prize Amount
May 1st M. Penner Brandon, MB $25
May 2nd E. McCallum Brandon, MB $50
May 3rd B. Baryloki Brandon, MB $25
May 4th K. Hunt Brandon, MB $25
May 5th D. Cros Brandon, MB $25
May 6th R. Walwyn Brandon, MB $25
May 7th N. Ewasiuk Brandon, MB $25
May 8th R. Eamer Brandon, MB $25
May 9th D. Hunt Winnipeg, MB $50
May 10th C. Mowatt Brandon, MB $25
May 11th M&B McTuiston Brandon, MB $25
May 12th J. Johnson Douglas, MB $25
May 13th D. Grime Brandon, MB $25
May 14th H. McGhie Brandon, MB $25
May 15th A. Daoust Winnipeg, MB $25
May 16th P. Hancharyk Swan River, MB $50
May 17th D. Wakefield Brandon, MB $25
May 18th J. Brown Brandon, MB $25
May 19th K. Benoit Brandon, MB $25
May 20th D. Yorke Brandon, MB $25
May 21st N. Mowatt Brandon, MB $25
May 22nd A.  Kennings Brandon, MB $25
May 23rd E. Bage Brandon, MB $50
May 24th C. Bouchard Douglas, MB $25
May 25th L. Humphries Brandon, MB $25
May 26th A. Peterson Brandon, MB $25
May 27th J. Scott Dauphin, MB $25
May 28th D. Mitchell Brandon, MB $25
May 29th P. Darling Pilot Mound, MB $25
May 30th A. Hoggin Brandon, MB $50
May 31st
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