Celebrating 50 Years!

June 9, 2022

Through the engagement and initiative of volunteer members of our community, the plans for Riverview Curling Club came to fruition in 1971. To date, volunteers continue to work collaboratively to support the maintenance and operation of the “Club”.
On the evening of Saturday, June 4th, 2022, over 150 people gathered to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Riverview Curling Club and to recognize and acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our Founding Members.
Some of our Founding Members were unable to attend this special celebration and sadly others have passed away but we would like to take this opportunity to recognize their vision, dedication, and generosity that led to the opening of Riverview Curling Club the first week of November 1971. Please view the attached photo noting the names of our Founding Members. (Name correction – Don Robins should read Ron Robins.)
The following were in attendance for the 50th Anniversary Banquet and were presented with a certificate in recognition of being a Founding Member of Riverview Curling Club:  Ivan Baker, Bill Cumming, Gloria Cumming, Ron Robins, Larry Sage, Glen Sawyer, Ron Smithson, Blaine Wakefield, and Ella MacMillan. Ruth Moreland’s certificate was accepted by her son, Jamie Moreland, on her behalf.
Our Master of Ceremonies, Jamie Moreland, welcomed all guests and shared interesting facts from 1971.  Entertainment throughout the evening was provided by Dwayne Wright who played various pieces on his piano, Jode Boak and her staff served a delicious roast beef dinner with all the trimmings, and Resby Coutts, our guest speaker, brought forward interesting curling facts and his congratulations to current and past volunteers who have made RVCC a special place.
Special thanks to our Social Committee who organized the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Committee members were: Anne Wright, Jamie Moreland, Susan Dyck, Nancy Syntak, Del Hunter and Blaine Wakefield.
Photo Credit: Linda Hunter. Thank-you Linda for capturing this memorable evening.

Celebrating 50 Years 1971 – 2021


Founding Members

                      Founding Member Certificates were presented by Del Hunter and Anne Wright:

Founding Member Ivan Baker

Founding Member Blaine Wakefield

Founding Members Bill & Gloria Cumming

Founding Member Ron Robins

Founding Member Larry Sage

Founding Member Glen Sawyer

Founding Member Ron Smithson

Founding Member Ella MacMillan

Founding Member Certificate for Ruth Moreland accepted on her behalf by her son Jamie Moreland

50th Anniversary Cake

Guest speaker, Resby Coutts, with Social Committee Member Del Hunter.

A delicious roast beef dinner served by Jode Boak and her staff.

Social Committee Members from L – R: Anne Wright, Jamie Moreland, Susan Dyck, Nancy Syntak, Del Hunter and Blaine Wakefield.

Entertainment provided by Dwayne Wright.