Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

July 26, 2022

RVCC operates year-round and we have, on average, 500 to 600 visitors every week. We are a unique community facility offering special event space as well as a variety of curling opportunities including youth instruction, leagues, bonspiels and ice rental for corporate and community events. Our low-cost advertising and sponsorship opportunities are a great way to reach your target market!

The following advertising and sponsorship options are unique ways that you can get involved in the curling community:

  1. In-Ice Advertising:  The first thing that anyone looks at when they walk into a curling club is the ice.  In-Ice logos are embedded directly into the ice surface and really catch your eye. Space is available for the in-ice logos on each curling sheet and may be placed behind the hacks, in the free guard zone, and on the button.  The decals are in the game play area which results in very good exposure to the spectators and curlers.
  2. Scoreboard Ads:  Signs are 8′ x 2 ‘ and they remain on the scoreboard year-round.  The scoreboards are highly visible to the players on the ice surface and the spectators in the viewing area.
  3. Wall Advertising:  Signs are 8′ x 4′ and they remain on the wall year-round in the ice area.  The size of the signs makes them easy to read from the viewing area of the club.
  4. Equipment Sponsorship:  At RVCC, we have lots of ideas about how to improve the popularity of our sport and by reading out to more people.  However, much of our equipment is older and in need of replacement. Examples of equipment are curling brooms, sliders, grippers, and stabilizers.  Unlike some of our other sponsorship options, the cost to this sponsorship is entirely dependent on you!  We would be grateful for any and all help that we could receive towards new equipment.  All equipment sponsors would have their logo publicly displayed with the equipment that they helped us to acquire.
  5. Goods In Kind Sponsorship:  We are always in the market for bonspiel prizes, raffle items, and other event necessities throughout the curling season. Examples of things that could be useful to us while promoting you are: gift cards, water bottles, clothing items, totes, etc. This sponsorship is extremely flexible and will be unique to each business.

All in-ice decals are time sensitive and must be available to the Curling Club at the time the ice is being installed.  For that reason, all sponsors interested in advertising using in-ice decals must have their sponsorship package returned the Curling Club and their design intentions submitted to an appropriate supplier by September 1st at the latest – earlier if at all possible.

If you have any questions or would like to explore the various options and opportunities please contact the office at 204.728.6004 or forward an e-mail to