Riverview Curling Club is unique to the City of Brandon, as it is the only curling club in Brandon owned and operated by the members, for the members and all concerned curlers. We have both Corporate non curling members and curling members who work together for the betterment of our non-profitable organization.

The curling season of 1970 – 1971 found us without a home to curl out of. The owners of our rented curling facility wished to use the building for other purposes. One optimistic individual started the ball rolling and got a few others interested about building our own four sheet curling club. Consequently; meetings and discussions were held by a few enthusiastic people from October, 1970 to March 1971, until enough information had been accumulated to call a general meeting of our past curlers and any interested curlers in early April, 1971. » Click here to Learn More

Mens Curling Champions

2013 Mens Curling Champions

Duane Lang, Glen Lang, Jamie Moreland, Dwayne Stone, Brett Turner
Team Lang

Ladies Curling Champions

2012-2013 Ladies Curling Champions

Joan Merko, Brenda Burgess, Bev Renwick, Lynn Hink, Mary Cannons (skip)
Mildred Cotton Presenting The “Mildred Cotton” Trophy
(Friday Afternoon League)