RVCC 50/50 Raffle 2023

Riverview Curling Club 50/50 2023

The chance is back to win up to


in the Riverview Curling Club 50/50 draw.

Tickets are $5.00 each, maximum of 1000 tickets printed.

Tickets are on sale now until December 1 2023 or until they are SOLD OUT.

Draw date December 1 2023 at 10:00 am, Riverview Curling Club – 420 Maryland Ave Brandon, MB.

Contact Riverview office for more details.

Odds of winnings are based on the number of tickets sold, maximum of 1000 ticket to be sold.  Prize value is based on ticket sales and the winner will be awarded 50% payout of the purchased tickets, prize amount and value will not exceed $2500.00.

Manitoba Lottery License #LGCA 886-RF-41303


June 2022 calendar page with June 2, 2022 circled. This is the Grand Prize Draw date.